Greswolde Construction

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Ambulance Hubs project complete

Crucial work carried out by Greswolde, to complete Ambulance Service Hubs to bring efficiencies and improvements to services across five counties, has been successfully completed.

The projects involved building three multi-million pound Hubs at Electrium Point in Willenhall, Ibstock Road in Coventry and Hollymoor Point in Rubery and the £700,000 refurbishment of a station at Bromsgrove.

Simon Lewis Head of Estates for West Midlands Ambulance Service, says:  “The feedback we have had from staff has been very positive.

“Greswolde has completed each of the buildings to a high standard of workmanship, which has been appreciated by the Staff.

“We are coming to the closing stages of a journey which began two years ago, when we set out to transform the way we provide patient care through 15 hubs throughout the West Midlands, together with a network of over 120 community ambulance stations and response points.

“The new Hubs will ensure ambulances will be kept stocked with equipment and well maintained by specially trained staff.  Once clinical staff start their shift, they will move out to the community stations and be ready to respond,” adds Simon.

Greswolde has worked closely on the project with client Hortons Estate Limited.

“Greswolde has been very flexible in its approach and accommodated our suggestions for last minute changes in design during this important project,” says Project Manager, James Slater.

“They have been great contractors to work with and we would hope to continue our relationship with them on any future projects.”

Ambulance Station Internal View