Greswolde Construction

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A GRAND GESTURE OF TRUST – The Grand Hotel, Birmingham


One of the most challenging phases of the multi-million pound project to restore a landmark Birmingham building to its former glory has been entrusted to Greswolde Construction. 

A complex operation at the city centre’s historic Grand Hotel involves the removal of the old timber framed roof and the construction of a modern steel-built structure, which will be clad with the original tiles. 

The first stage in the £2 million project meant organising for three days of road closures in the city centre in order to manoeuvre a massive tower crane into place.  

“This is one of the most technical challenges Greswolde has undertaken recently, and we are very proud to be involved with this important work on such a prestigious Birmingham building”, says Greswolde MD Malcolm Priest. 

Built in 1875 by the present owner Hortons’ Estate, the hotel has played a major role in the history of the city, occupying a prominent position both geographically and culturally until it was closed some 13 years ago. 

Restoration work began five years previously in a bid to safeguard the Victorian building while decisions were made about its future use. 

A total investment of around £40m will eventually be needed to restore the fabric of the building including the roof, all the listed building’s facades and complete internal refurbishment to the high standard needed if the Grand is to reopen as a luxury hotel. 

“By replacing the roof we are safeguarding the fabric of the building and creating exceptional spaces which will be useful whatever the final use although we still hope it will reopen as a hotel,” says James Slater, Hortons’ Estates Building Surveyor. 

“While trying to decide the best way to use the structure, we wanted to get on with some of the fundamental building work.  The family has retained ownership for generations so this is a very important project to them. 

“The Grand Hotel remains part of the history of the city and has a real resonance with many local people who have worked or stayed there. 

“Greswolde is carrying out some really complex work, which will enhance the building by creating what we believe will be amongst the finest luxury suites in the city;  the Presidential Suite, King Suites and Queen Suites. 

A further £1.1 million contract will also be taken on by Greswolde for more essential repair work on the remaining facades on Barwick Street and the Internal Courtyard.