Greswolde Construction

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£1MILLION PROJECT A BIG BOOST FOR SCHOOL – Edgbaston High School for Girls


An ambitious £1 million project to extend and improve facilities at Edgbaston High School for Girls looks set to bring huge improvements for students and staff. 

The complex construction work includes extensive internal alterations to the existing building and the addition of two new extensions, and will go ahead while the school remains open. 

“Edgbaston High School is very pleased to be working with Greswolde to extend and upgrade the Preparatory School, having previously worked successfully with the company to refurbish the kitchen facilities,” says Headmistress Dr. Ruth Weeks. 

Sally Hartley, Head of the Preparatory School comments: “The provision of a new Art Room, which will be housed on the first floor of the extension with a glass frontage, will provide a light and airy environment to allow the girls to extend their skills. 

“The new building will also provide more staff work space as well as some much-needed storage space.” 

The work will comprise a two storey extension to the front of the school, including a first floor extension over the existing library and a two storey extension to the rear. 

On the ground floor the library will be extended and the reception area extended and refurbished.  There will also be a new medical room, visitors cloakroom and office space. 

The internal changes will provide dedicated art, design and exhibition space, a meeting room, a bigger staff room, music store, costume cupboards, lifts to the first floor and improved access.