Greswolde Construction

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King Edward VI College, Stourbridge

Building makes light work of teaching

King Edward College front viewThe completion of a bright airy modern building, with the very latest teaching facilities, adds up to a great new learning environment for students at King Edward VI College in Stourbridge.

Greswolde has completed work on the £1m project designed by Bryant Priest Newman Architects, which will allow maths students, who were previously in different locations on the campus, to come together in one purpose built block.

“It’s very exciting.  This is a great building, really light, airy and modern, with excellent facilities.” says proud College Principal Sharon Phillips.

“We’re looking forward to an official opening in October, but students will begin using it in September.”

One of the highlights of the two-storey building, which has seven classrooms and a staff room, is the multi IT provision, including a smart board in student social areas and a flexible entrance lobby area.

King Edward Rear ViewLarry Priest, Director of architects Bryant Priest Newman said: “We have aimed for a slightly more contemporary building, with good light and space, where we have begun to explore ideas of social spaces, which can be used as teaching spaces.

“The entrance hall is not just a lobby but will double as a teaching area and the staircase becomes a place where people can meet and interact.

“This is a good value building, which has been very well built by Greswolde and fits in with the wider campus.”

King Edward External ViewBryant Priest Newman is currently working on the design of a Phase Two building, which will comprise a student refectory twice the size of the current one, together with new dance, drama, computing and graphics design facilities.

The College caters for 16 to 19 year olds who can choose from a range of more than 40 A-Level courses.  From September the College will be offering degree level courses.

There has been a seat of learning on the site since 1430 when it was known as The Chantry School of Holy Trinity.