Greswolde Construction

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Solihull School Of Music



Greswolde has completed work on a prestigious new £2 million flagship development to mark the 450th Anniversary of the foundation of Solihull School.An Artist's impression of the new building

The landmark two storey building on the schools 54 acre Warwick Road site houses a state of the art music centre, with a recital hall, practice rooms and teaching areas.  "Greswolde staff have been easy to work with.  The secret is having the right site agent who is used to working in an educational framework and all the problems that go with it.  There has been no problem whatsoever."

The interior of the buildingIan Brinksman, Director of Architects Malcolm Payne Group Ltd, said the building was a unique and striking additon to the school; "The building has been designed to complement the adjacent Bushell Hall and reinforce the school's art and performance quarter.  It incorporates the very latest technology to provide a truly state of the art facility.

"The innovative and irregular design responds to the challenge of creating a unique building which provides exceptional levels of acoustic performance."

Client: Solihull School

Value: £2 Million

Another view of the exterior