Greswolde Construction

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BUPA Care Home, Church Crookham



When international health care company BUPA Care Services needed to find a new contractor part way through the development of a £3.6 million care home in Hampshire - it turned to Greswolde to complete construction.

Greswolde stepped in to take over work on the 64-bed nursing home at Church Crookham near fleet, after the previous contractor went into liquidation.

"We had gone through a dificult time with another contractor and found ourselves with a job half completed," said Neil Fletcher Head of Development Projects for BUPA.

"We needed somebody with whom we have a good working relationship, who we knew could mobilise quickly and woudl be able to get the project completed on time and Greswolde fitted the bill." He added.

Greswolde has successfully completed homes for BUPA in Bromsgrove, Stratford Upon Avon and Ashford in Kent.

The home, constructed with natural Cedar cladding mixed with render and brick, features double storey accommodation, which includes 64 ensuite rooms, shared dining, lounge and activity rooms and a service floor.

The home is a specialist dementia care home, one of 193 BUPA dementia communities around the UK and contains features specifically designed to help in the care of people with dementia.

The landscaped gardens make the best possible use of the natural landscape, but are specially designed to incldue features which enhance the experience of resivents who have dementia.

Client: BUPA Care Homes

Value: £3.6 Million