Greswolde Construction

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BUSY MAKING A DIFFERENCE AT HOSPITAL – Good Hope Hospital, Sutton Coldfield


Greswolde is busy on an important new multi-million pound project at Sutton Coldfield’s Good Hope Hospital. 

The scheme for Bordesley Green –based Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, will transform two wards into the new £3.2 million Acute Medical Unit (AMU) 

“We have extensive healthcare experience and it is good to be back on site at the hospital, where we previously built the Musculo-Skeletal Centre,” says Greswolde MD Malcolm Priest. 

Good Hope Hospital – which serves over 450,000 people in north Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield and a large part of south east Staffordshire – provides acute and general medicine. 

Sarah Faulkner Operations Manager for Unplanned Care at Good Hope, says: “The scheme will increase the size of the facility to assess and treat patients with an acute medical problem. 

“As well as increasing the number of doctors, we are providing nurse staffing to levels recommended for an A&E department in this area, which is approximately twice the level for a general ward area.  The development work to the Acute Medical Unit will help us to treat and discharge patients more quickly.” 

The project designed by RPS Technical Director Simon Houldcroft, entails stripping out the existing wards and adding linking extensions to create the AMU facility at one end of the busy hospital.