Greswolde Construction

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It's Just What the Doctors Ordered

Delighted Wythall residents finally have the benefit of a splendid new medical centre some six years after it was decided their old surgery needed replacing.

wythall pic1Greswolde has completed work on the £1.4 million Wythall Lane Health Centre in Hollywood, which replaces a dilapidated 70’s style flat-roofed building.

The medical team will enjoy first class accommodation, with five doctors’ consulting rooms, three for nurses, a minor operations suite and admin and waiting rooms. There is also self-contained single storey accommodation for the Parish Council offices.

“We spent years looking for a suitable site as there were very few options in the area,” says Architect Phil Goode of Bundred & Goode.
“At a public meeting, four years ago, some 600 people turned up and 99.9% of them were in favour of having a new surgery on this site.”

“The old building was leaking and in a very bad state of repair, so something wythall pic 2needed to be done urgently.”

The surgery is located on open ground behind the existing building and work is being done to improve the pathways and lighting around the site.