Greswolde Construction

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The Royal British Legion



A new £2 million care home, which offers the very best quality accommodation and facilities for people with Dementia, has been completed. 

The specialist home, the first in a series planned across the UK, has been built alongside The Royal British Legion's care home Galanos House in Southam, Warwickshire, in line with the very latest research about the best environment in which to offer dementia care.  The building will house 30 guests in three wings around the market-style square, complete with shop fronts.  "There is a real need to specialist dementia care facilities across teh UK and this is something we are lookign at providing over all our existing care homes," says Paul Gillam, the Property Development Manager.

"We have worked closely with our in-house welfare department and others in the field of dementia care, including the experts at Stirling University, who have all provided us with valuable insights."

Architect Paul Ingle, of Portess & Richardson, also emphasied the importance of creating the right kind of environment in the overall design of the building.  "The design is all about making the buildign as familiar and small-scale as possible so that guests are comfortable and feel at home in a stimulating environment," he says.  "Familiarity is very important.  The shop fronts will allow residents to go 'out' into an enviornment which they can recognise from the outside world."

Client:  The Royal British Legion

Vale: £2 Million