Greswolde Construction

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Sutton Coldfield Hospice

A SPECIAL brew bottled to celebrate the completion of the external construction of a £1.2 million Sutton Coldfield hospice was used to toast the long-awaited building.

sutton pic 1One bottle of the 'porter' beer was tipped over the roof at a topping out ceremony in August, to symbolise the completion of an important stage of the building works being carried out by Greswolde Construction.

"We decided a few cases of special St. Giles Hospital brew would be a good idea to mark the occasion," said Peter Holliday, St. Giles Hospice Chief Executive.

"We felt this was a good opportunity to thank all those who have got us this far. We have had wonderful support from the public, local residents groups and health service providers, Sutton Coldfield Municipal charities (SCMC) the Muriel Saveker Trust and the design and building teams.

"Work is now underway on equipping the centre and when its doors open to Spring 2007 residents will have access to a wide range of day care and support services on their doorsteps," he said.

The state of the art Day Care Hospice which is being built on the site of a derelict 19th century farmhouse will house a variety of accommodation including clinical consulting rooms, a drop-in resource centre with library and coffee shop, lecture theatres and meeting rooms.

A team of four specialist nurses will operate from the site and staff will offer services ranging from bereavement counselling to complementary therapies.