Greswolde Construction

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A high profile project to provide 14 attractive apartments in desirable Banbury is going well, despite the tight squeeze on site. 

The eye-catching Kingerlee Homes building, which includes two penthouses with roof terraces, almost fills the site’s footprint, which meant that the Greswolde team had to improvise to provide space for deliveries, cranes and its accommodation. 

“It has been a bit of a challenge, but we are progressing well now,” says Project Manage Jason Taplin. 

The three storey building, designed by A+G Architects, is on a former car park acquired from the company next door and is next to the main Oxford Road on one side and Banbury’s hospital on another. 

Access, shared with the neighbouring offices, is via a residential street, with traffic also increased by a nearby doctors’ surgery. 

Before work could begin, Greswolde created parking spaces for the offices, and groundworks on site had to be halted for a few weeks to allow for a redesign of the foundations after excavation hit unexpected rock. 

“We are pleased that progress is underway again after a difficult start and we are impressed with the manner in which the many site access issues are being carefully managed,” comments Kingerlee Homes MD Tony Woodward.

The new £1.7 million contemporary-style High Town Apartments development in Banbury is also in a conservation area. 

“Greswolde is managing the build operations very well, and we are looking forward to the completion of the project,” adds Alan Filby of A & G Architects.