Greswolde Construction

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South St., Redditch


Tne new developmentDelighted tenants were clamouring to move into the Sanctuary Group's impressive development in Redditch's South Street, not least because they were eagerley anticipating lower energy bills.

Greswolde's design and build project for the leading UK housing provider, which meets The Code for Sustainable Homes Level 3, has a wide range of energy, water and money-saving features, including a rainwater harvesting system. The affordable housing development, of six homes and a block of 15 apartments, also has a heat recovery system implemented that diverts heat generated in kitchens and bathrooms to supplement the boiler.

The building team also increased the insulation and the U Value on windows and installed water-saving taps, flushes and baths, in line with the Code for Sustainability requirements.The house frontages

Chris Cole, Sanctuary's Regional Development Manager, said; "we were particularly impressed with the level of consulation and information sharing Greswolde undertook with local residents. This was a complicated site to develop and has been completed to a high standard. The properties have proved very popular and were let within a couple of weeks of handover."