Greswolde Construction

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Spotlight on Eco Stars

When residents moved into Redditch Co-Operative Homes’ new Farm Road development, their homes were already famous. The project, built by Greswolde for the Accord Housing Group of which Redditch Co-Operative Homes is a member, made headlines because the homes don’t just offer a solution to local need for affordable housing, they are also extremely eco friendly.

eco pic 1The timber frame homes, as Accord’s Alan Yates points out “will produce less than half the carbon emissions of a traditionally built house, and they will cost about a third as much to run.”

Traffic to and from site was vastly reduced too. Produced by Norwegian co-operative Hedalm Anebyhus, the homes arrive as ready to erect timber panels. Each delivery contained all that Greswolde builders needed to erect a pair of the bungalows.

“Thus you don’t require the countless carbon emission-belching deliveries – all coming individually from different suppliers and burning diesel on the way – associated with traditional homes,” explained Greswolde Associate Director and Farm Road Project Manager Chris Harrison.

The Hedalm Anebyhus building system is a unique blend of sustainable naturaleco pic 2 wood and modern technology. 2007 is a year of celebration for Hedalm, a co-operative owned by the foresters who grow the wood, which is 40 this year. It could also prove to be a pivotal year for the company, which boasts the most advanced timber solution in the market place, because everyone has been watching the Redditch development.

Accord has always been a trail-blazer, with developments including the innovative Francis Court in Halesowen, designed by architect Bill Dunster and constructed by Greswolde.

Francis Court’s eco features include specially designed wind cowls, atop a green sedum roof, that transfers heat from stale air leaving the building to the fresh air coming in. A zero carbon biomass wood pellet boiler provides hot water to each of the 15 apartments and tops up heating in cold weather.