Greswolde Construction

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Creative Halesowen College is looking forward to the grand debut of the crowning glory of a seven year programme that has completely transformed its Whittingham Road Campus.

The fifth eye-catching new project has a fanfare grand entrance to welcome students and the public to the £2.4 million building, which will include teaching accommodation and performance space right at its heart.

It’s a fitting finale to seal the rewarding relationship between the College, Greswolde Construction and BM3 Architecture. 

“It is a pleasure to help to make such a big difference to a leading College,” says Greswolde Director Chris Harrison. 

“It’s unusual, and a real privilege, to be able to see something so momentous through its transforming life,” agrees Architectural Technologist Jason Carpenter, who has an even stronger link with this fifth phase as he designed it. 

There will be teaching areas on the ground floor and a multi-use space upstairs with room for an audience of nearly 200, combined with a mezzanine viewing gallery and exhibition space above. 

The light-filled glazed entrance, topped with anodised aluminium, has a real wow factor.  “We wanted something to really make it stand out,” explains Jason. 

The site, at the centre of campus, requires very careful shepherding by Greswolde Site Manager Dave Cheatham, who ensures each precisely timed delivery lorry is walked in by a member of his team front and back. 

“Still it’s another great project and we’ll be sad to go when it’s finished,” he says.  “I feel like part of the College now!” 

Since 2008, the College has replaced outdated ‘60s buildings with a series of high spec facilities. 

A refectory, health and social care suite was followed by a block housing science laboratories, animal care facilities, IT suites and a learning resource centre. 

Project three created an interactive learning centre, with travel and tourism rooms and number four provided teaching accommodation, a social learning zone and coffee shop. 

“The new build will continue to provide excellent learning facilities for our students and will enable the College to lead education and training for the future,” says programme mastermind Jacquie Carman, Director of Finance and Corporate Services.