Greswolde Construction

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Greswolde teams have been given a well-deserved pat on the back by a grateful local authority for pulling out all the stops to ensure essential work on a school was completed in time for the start of the new term.

Planning delays meant the start of work at New Bradwell School was held up, but Milton Keynes Council Capital Programme Director Mark Dolling was delighted with the efforts that were made to hit the timing target.

“The project team has done exceptionally well to pull back time lost to planning delays and ensure the new facilities are fit to open for pupils,” he says.

“This has been an excellent effort and is greatly appreciated.  It means all nine of our major projects this summer completed in time for the new academic year.  This is a huge achievement for us.”

The project created a six classroom block and nursery with outdoor play area, together with a new car park for staff and parents.

Greswolde Site Manager Bob Gardner says the key to overcoming the early planning issues was careful liaison between architect, engineers and subcontractors to bring everything together successfully.

“We always try our very best buts it’s very satisfying to receive this kind of endorsement and nice to be appreciated.”