Greswolde Construction

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A TOUCH OF GLASS – Glasshouse College, Stourbridge


A CHARITY that breathes new life into neglected industrial buildings is delighted with work carried out by Greswolde on a building which was once home to the Royal Doulton Glassworks. 

The Ruskin Mill Trust, which operates educational centres for young people across the country, needed repairs to be carried out on Harlestones House, part of the Glasshouse College in Stourbridge. 

“Greswolde has done a great job on a limited budget.  The building is in a very prominent place and so it’s good to have repaired the leaking roof and smartened up the outside appearance,” says Ruskin Mill Trust Assistant Director of Development Elisabeth Johnson. 

“As we are an independent specialist college for young people with learning difficulties, it is very important that they have access to high quality spaces and workshops. 

“The building work covered essential maintenance repairs on the roof and the internal and external décor, which makes a great difference to the look and feel of this old building.” 

Property Manager Colin George comments: “Greswolde has successfully undertaken a difficult project to a tight budget on a site that is located in the heart of the college and is accessible to students, staff and members of the public. 

“We are thankful to the Greswolde team for their considerate approach to working with staff to ensure minimal disruption of day to day activities.”